SAP basis consultant introduction

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ERP – Enterprise (Business Structure) Resource (Material) Planning. ERP is a computer software which will be used to run any type of business. SAP AG, Oracle Corporation and Peoplesoft are manufactured and developing ERP software.

SAP: Systems Applications and products in data processing

ABAP: Advanced Business Application Programming

BASIS: Business Application Software Integrated Solutions

ERP software can be classified into Technical, Administration, Functional Areas. Technical Area consists of programming languages which uses to customisation of software. Administration of the systems, Taking care of the entire system. Functional Area consists of different modules which are useful to the people who works on different functional areas.

SAP – [ Technical] [Admin] [Functional] –  [ABAP] [BASIS] [Modules]

Oracle – [Technical] [Admin] [Functional] – [PL/SQL] [DBA] [Modules]

Actual business runs on different modules. In SAP these modules are tightly integrated and some of the functional modules are S&D (Sales & distribution), HR (Human Resource), FI (Financial), MM (Material Management), PP (Production Planning)…etc

SAP depends upon all functionality where as others depends on only in one module. SAP exists depends on business, SAP exists where ever business is there.

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