SAP Basis certification with Netweaver 7.5 and HANA SPS03

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SAP Basis certification is one of the best certification among many sap certifications. As long as the SAP software is used to run businesses, SAP Basis consultants demand would be there. SAP Basis consultants are the key people in any organisation.

SAP Basis certification is also called as SAP Netweaver certification. The full name of SAP Basis certification is, SAP Certified Technology Associate – System Administration (SAP HANA as a database) with SAP Netweaver 7.5

C_TADM55_75 is The SAP Basis certification code. You can read 5 books to complete SAP Basis certification. The 5 books are TADM10_1, TADM10_2, TADM12_1, TADM12_2 and TADM55

Complete names of the 5 books are as follows…
SAP Basis certification books

  1. TADM10_1_EN_Col18 – Technical Implementation and Operation I – Part 1
  2. TADM10_2_EN_Col18 – Technical Implementation and Operation I – Part 2
  3. TADM12_1_EN_Col18 – Technical Impl. and Operation II – Part 1
  4. TADM12_2_EN_Col18 – Technical Impl. and Operation II – Part 2
  5. TADM55_EN_Col15 – SAP HANA 2.0 SPS03 – Installation and Administration

SAP Basis consultants would get great remuneration. You can demand starting salary in India from 6 Lakhs. In Foreign counties like US, UK, Australia, Germany, Canada, it would be around 100,000USD.

You can read above 5 books thoroughly to pass the SAP BASIS certification. These books consists of all the SAP Basis day to day activities. These 5 books are based on SAP Netweaver 7.5 and HANA SPS03 software. These 5 books are released in the year 2018.

Usually, If you want to write the exam, you have to join in an SAP Authorized training institute. But, If you want to learn the topics in these books, contact me. I will teach you. I can provide only the knowledge not certification. You can take the permission letter from your company to write the exam directly. You can contact your local SAP Training centers.

Topics within these books are as follows….


Unit 1: SAP Systems
Unit 2: Navigation
Unit 3: The SAP System Kernel
Unit 4: Software Development in SAP Systems
Unit 5: Users and Authorizations in AS ABAP
Unit 6: Users and Authorizations in AS Java
Unit 7: Communication and Integration Technologies
Unit 8: SAP Fiori Foundation
Unit 9: System Monitoring and Troubleshooting
Unit 10: SAP Portfolio Overview
Unit 11: SAP Support Portal and SAP Community


Unit 1: Starting and Stopping AS ABAP
Unit 2: Starting and Stopping AS JAVA
Unit 3: Tools for System Configuration AS ABAP
Unit 4: Tools for System Configuration AS Java
Unit 5: Technology Components for HTTP-based Communication
Unit 6: SAP Fiori System Landscape
Unit 7: SAP Fiori Infrastructure (Essential Topics)
Unit 8: SAP Fiori App Implementation
Unit 9: SAP Fiori Infrastructure (Additional Topics)
Unit 10: SAP Connect and SMTP


Unit 1: Application Life cycle Management
Unit 2: Introduction to SAP Software Logistics
Unit 3: Setting Up an SAP System Landscape
Unit 4: Creating and Exporting Transport Requests
Unit 5: Importing Transport Requests
Unit 6: SAP Note Assistant, SAP Support Packages, SAP Enhancement
Packages and SAP System Upgrades
Unit 7: Client Tools
Unit 8: Enhanced Change and Transport System (CTS+)


Unit 1: Output Management
Unit 2: Background Processing
Unit 3: SAP System Architecture
Unit 4: Installation Preparation
Unit 5: SAP Front End Server Installation – AS ABAP
Unit 6: SAP S/4HANA Installation – AS ABAP
Unit 7: Post-Installation Activities – AS ABAP
Unit 8: Patching SAP Systems using SUM: Single System
Unit 9: Patching SAP Systems using SUM: Standard/Advanced
Unit 10: SAP Solution Manager ABAP Installation – AS ABAP
Unit 11: SAP Solution Manager Java Installation – AS Java
Unit 12: Installation Planning
Unit 13: Enqueue Replication Server (ERS)

TADM55_EN_Col15 (2018)

Unit 1: SAP HANA Introduction
Unit 2: Installation Preparations
Unit 3: SAP HANA Installation
Unit 4: SAP HANA Architecture
Unit 5: SAP HANA Cockpit 2.0
Unit 6: SAP HANA Scenarios and Deployment Options
Unit 7: Post Installation Tasks
Unit 8: Administration Tools
Unit 9: Database Administration Tasks
Unit 10: Backup and Recovery
Unit 11: Security
Unit 12: Maintaining Users and Authorization

If you want to learn the topics mentioned above, leave your comment for this post. We can discuss about timings and the total duration of the course etc…

You can read SAP Basis notes in this blog. I wrote many articles on SAP Basis administration.

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