SAP basis administration is very easy and simple to learn

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sap basis administration is very easy and simple to learn, when you follow right direction from, an experienced sap basis administrator cum trainer. SAP basis administration is also just like any other IT administration such as, Windows administration, UNIX/LINUX administration, Database administration. Learning sap basis administration is very difficult to learn without SAP system. I mean sap basis can not be learned very easily just by reading only books. You need to have real SAP system installed on your computer or laptop to perform different experiments of sap basis administration.

SAP basis systems

SAP Basis administration course needs basic knowledge of OS administration

You should have basic knowledge on installing operating system and its administration to learn sap basis administration. sap system can be installed very easily by system administrators. You can use VMware workstation to install server operating system as guest on top of your client operating system. Virtualization technology option should be enabled in your computer BIOS to run VMware workstations. You can make use of virtualization to install many sap systems in single host.

Once you become confident in installing different sap systems, you can easily learn remaining sap basis administration activities. Sap basis is nothing but middleware applications which will act as interface between operating system and other ABAP applications.

SAP Basis administration should be learned by

SAP basis knowledge is very good for any type of sap consultant, which will help you to learn any functional or technical module. You will get a chance of learning many technologies while learning SAP basis administration. You will learn different technologies such as, OS administration, VMware administration, Network administration, different types of protocols, different types of databases, database administration…etc.

SAP basis administration is nothing but handling or maintaining different SAP systems. In SAP Basis administration course, you will basically learn how to install and configure different SAP NW AS ABAP and JAVA systems, user administration, role administration, client administration, transport administration, accessing SAP systems using different methods, database administration, print administration, applying patches, installing add-on software and performing different support activities.

You can use SAP developer network or SAP help website to know more about SAP basis administration. I have recorded many videos on sap basis administration and listed here. You can also watch my youtube channel for some demo sap basis videos.

You can learn entire SAP basis administration using only SAP Netweaver software which can be installed within 2-3 hours. You should install SAP Netweaver software 3 times to perform transport management system experiments. You can also install different instances in the single server or different server using this SAP Netweaver software. You can create your own 3 system landscape on your computer or laptop. To setup this type of environment, your computer should have minimum configuration of 8GB RAM/ 300GB free HDD space/ Dual core or better processor. I would recommend i5/i7 processor.

SAP Basis / Netweaver certification

You can write SAP Netweaver exam by reading SAP Netweaver certification material. You should read some pdf documents thoroughly and should perform all experiments listed in excersizes at end of each chapter before appearing for the real examination. The more you practice, more you will remember different terms used in the course. So that the exam will become easy. I suggest you to do each and every experiment minimum 10-20 times. So that you will become confident in performing experiments and handling sap systems. This SAP basis administration course can be done by any person who wants to have challenging, interesting career and to get best salary in the industry.

You will get job easily if you are confident in answering sap basis interview questions. You can answer questions when you are through in performing experiments. Please ask me any questions on sap basis administration, i will try my best to answer all of your questions.

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