How to restore a dynamic website which is based on wordpress

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Restoring a dynamic website which is based on worpress website is also a 2 step process just like backup a wordpress website as discussed in my previous article. You can either restore a site either in your local computer for testing backup files or to real hosting account to recover faulty website. I will explain you how to restore a dynamic website in your local computer. Same procedure can also be applied to restore in your real hosting account.

To do this experiment, you have to install XAMPP application which is available in internet at free of cost. This application consists of many open source applications. We should have Apache, PHP, MySql and phpMyAdmin to complete restoring task. All these applications are integrated in xampp and can be installed in single step and can be started using its control panel.

After completion of the xampp installation, you have to run the Apache server and MySQL if those programs are not already started. Sometimes, because ports 80 and 443 are using by some other applications like Skype or VMware programs, Apache Web Server will not be started. If it is the case, you have to change the ports to 81 and 444 in http.conf and httpd-ssl.conf files respectively.

Once the xampp is installed and Apache, MySQL server are started, you can start restoring of your wordpress website in your local computer. You can follow the procedure given below to complete the restore of a dynamic website which is based on wordpress.

Step 1: Restoring database from backup

  • Go to http://localhost in your local computer
  • You will see xampp language options
  • Click on English Language
  • Click on the phpMyAdmin which can be seen under Tools
  • You will see phpMyAdmin web application which will be used for maintaining mySQL databases
  • Click on the Users
  • Click on Add user
  • Type user name, host as ‘localhost’, and password
  • Select the option ‘Create database with same name and grant all privileges’ and click on Go which can be seen at bottom of the page
  • User and the database will be created and user will be granted with all the privilege on created database
  • You can see the created database in the left pane
  • Click on the database to see the tables in the right pane
  • Because it is newly created database, you can not see any tables
  • To import the database which you backed up, click on the Import
  • Choose sql file which you have extracted from the database backup as per the procedure given in my previous article on ‘How to backup a dynamic website which is based on wordpress‘ and click on Go
  • Database should be imported. Time to finish import will be based on size of the database

Step 2: Restoring files from backup

  • You have to extract the files from the backup which you have taken as per the procedure given in my previous article ‘How to backup a dynamic website which is based on wordpress
  • Copy complete folder to htdocs folder inside xampp folder in your C: drive
  • Change the database settings in wp-config.php file (Ex: database name, user and password of database)
  • You may see the error due to large sql file. If yes, You have to change the parameter value of ‘upload_max_filesize’ and ‘post_max_size’ in php.ini file to the size to more than your database file size.

After finishing of above 2 steps, restoring of wordpress website to your local computer is finished. You can check your local site by browsing http://localhost/yourwebsitename

Please ask me any questions if you are not able to perform this task on your computer. I will try my best to answer your questions.

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