Hardware and networking course contents

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Hardware and networking course topics which we teach at our institute are listed below. All the topics will be taught to our students with practical. That means each and every student will do the experiment after completion of the class. Student need not do any home work. He will do practice at our lab. We send our students to customer locations along with a senior engineer. Then the student will get experience within 3 months time if he comes to office regularly. To get experience the student should work like a employee without salary for 3 months period in regular office timings.

Course contents:


Different type of computer parts identification

Identifying of different types of cables used in a computer

Assembling and de-assembling a computer

CMOS settings (BIOS)

Partitioning and formatting a hard disk drive

Boot devices and how to boot with different options

Operating system installation like windows, Linux, Solaris…etc

Installation of different device drivers

Installation of regular small software

Booting procedure of windows and Linux in a single computer

Different types of Internet connection settings and configuration

Understanding of POP and SMTP protocols  to configure mail client like Outlook Express or MS Outlook

Mail folder backup and restore

Data backup using backup program

Identifying a problem and solving it

Networking and Administration

Crimping straight and cross cables and explanation about different type of cables we use in networking

Understanding about HUB and Switch

Connecting computers in peer to peer network, understanding about workgroup environment

Understanding about centralised administration, configuring domain network

Installation and configuring DNS and configure a server as its own client

Promoting member server as domain controller

Managing local and domain users

Sharing and accessing files and folders

Sharing printers and internet connection

What is a router and understanding about default gateway

Installing and configuring DHCP server service

Obtaining IP address automatically from a specified ip range

Understanding of routing and remote access

Understanding about basic and dynamic disks

Creating partitions and volumes

Configuring distributed file systems

Group policy and software installation using group policy

Remote Installation services

Terminal services and its configuration
Ask me any topic to be added to above list from hardware and networking course. i will add the suggested topic title after reviewing it. So keep asking me queations regarding any type of problem you face in hardware & Networking, i will try to give you solutions at free of cost

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